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    Welcome to project CoLED!
    Collaborative Learning Environment for Š•ngineering Š•ducation

CoLED project materials

CoLED project factsheet

View the initial CoLED factsheet to find out more about the project

CoLED project leaflet

View the official CoLED project leaflet with description of project activities and expected results

First project newsletter

View the progress of the CoLED implementation during the first 6-month period

Second project newsletter

View the progress of the CoLED implementation during the second 6-month period

Third Project Newsletter

View the progress of the CoLED implementation during months 13 - 18

CoLED Booklet

View the CoLED final results

Useful links

Links to useful projects and initiatives.

CoLED Results

CoLED Teaching Methodology

Developed CoLED teaching methodology providing specific information on actual needs, requirements and preferences of the target groups created with a methodological approach to guide the users how to use CoLED platform and the learning materials including organization of training, group problem solving and definition of case studies.

CoLED Guidelines

Short summarized description of the portal functionalities and training materials elaborated. The Guidelines will also function as a dissemination/marketing teaser to get the audience interested in the course

CoLED Collaborative Training Platform

Innovative ICT platform supporting collaborative learning., group interactions, gamification of learning (achievements), group communication, evaluation of team tasks and projects, group discussions, identification of users activity (logs system), etc.

CoLED Automation for Manufacturing Training

Practice oriented, transferable and re-designable training and assessment resources for people interested in introducing solutions for automation and robotics