Project partnershipPIAP

Sieć Badawcza ŁUKASIEWICZ – Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów PIAP, Poland – project coordinator.

PIAP was established in 1965 and is a national institute whose basic task is preparing and implementing new technologies, automation systems, production plant and specialist measuring equipment in various branches of industry. Nearly 50 years of close cooperation with industry have brought a series of new designs and significant implementations. Thanks to the continuity of PIAP research and development work, PIAP designs can easily compete with products of renowned international companies. The institute has the necessary experience in research and development in mechatronics to ensure the innovative an up-to-date content for the training programme.

On April 1, 2019, the PIAP Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements became part of the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network and uses the name: ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network - Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP. The Łukasiewicz Research Network is a unique project of great commercial potential providing attractive, comprehensive and competitive business solutions in the fields of automation, chemicals, biomedicine, ICT, materials, and advanced manufacturing. With 8,000 staff and 38 research institutes located in 11 cities across Poland, Łukasiewicz Research Network is the third largest research network in Europe.

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