Project partnershipPRO-MED


PRO-MED sp. z o. o., Poland.

PROMED sp. z o. o. was established in 1989 as a private company. The main activities of the company involve:

  • Organising workshops, trainings, meetings, seminars in the intergenerational teams;
  • Developing innovative ICT based educational content, services and practice;
  • Supporting mobility of adults and youth;
  • Improving the quality of learning and strengthening cо-operation between educational organisations;
  • Developing e-courses, e workshops Learning Management System based;
  • Enabling older people have an access to adult education by using the projects’ approach.

PRO-MED participated in many projects for educators and adult learners including university staff and students and has extensive expertise in curriculum and learning content development (including e-learning, blended learning), MOOCs development and implementation, IT expertise in creation of virtual learning environment including LMS platforms, wide network/connections/co-operation at national and EU levels, experience in EU project management and implementation, dissemination and exploitation of national and international projects results. PRO-MED has access to the project target groups due to its staff involvement in teaching activities at Gdansk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdansk, vocational high schools.

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