Project meetings and eventsCoLED Final Conference for Sustainabilty


Erasmus+ CoLED Final Conference for Sustainabilty was held off-line (24 December 2020) and online (on 28 December 2020). There were 24 invited speakers: Martin Dougiamas, Steve Weeler, Artur Rączka, Andreas Huber, Nellie Deutsch, Aleksander Trzeciak, Rob Howard, Anita Dąbrowicz Tlałka, Magdalena M. Musielak, Igor Garnik, Anna Grabowska, Ewa Kozłowska, Artur Rączka, Jacek Zieliński, Małgorzata Szwaj, Marek Frankowicz, Tom Holloway, Ewa Bylińska, Valerie Wood-Gaiger, Graca Gonzales, Marcia Sylvia, Liviu Moldovan, Jacek Zieliński, Vanya Neycheva).

Overall 42 participants took part in the online meeting in Zoom. So far 45 participants are registered at the CoLED platform in the dedicated e-course. All recorded videos are also available in CoLED YouTube channel. The Conference resources and forums will be open until eTEE conference in Cracow, September 2021. During the conferemce, CoLED team shared the results of the CoLED project sustainability. Special attention was dedicated to the CoLED Automation for Manufacturing Training usage in different universities and schools.