Project meetings and eventsKick-off meeting in Warsaw, Poland

CoLED kick-off meeting took part on the 6th of November 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. During the meeting, the project was introduced to all meeting participants by Mr. Jacek ZieliƄski (PIAP - Project Coordinator). The main topics presented and discussed by partners were: project objectives, target groups, intellectual outputs (IO), other results not listed as IO, partners roles and overall work distribution. Mrs. Jolanta Fila (PIAP) who is responsible for the financial management of the project discussed the financial rules applicable to the project.

CoLED Methodology – IO1

Mrs. Maria Helena Antunes (AidLearn) presented an approach to CoLED Methodology which will guide the users to utilise the platform and the learning materials, including recreation and organization of training, group problem solving, definition of case studies. The methodology will contain the following parts:

  • General information about platform idea and functionality;
  • Technical aspects: platform interface // methods for publishing own learning resources;
  • Pedagogical aspects: concept of platform usage;
  • Content creation aspects: guidelines for create multimedia content, based on proven and simple ways: work patterns, tools and equipment to create multimedia;
  • Set of case studies: with typical usage scenarios, based on best practices identified by project partners (appendix to the methodology, to be available online for download and further use).

CoLED Guidelines – IO2

Mr. Liviu Moldovan presented an approach to CoLED guidelines preparation. The work on IO2 will start in month 4 (January 2019). Partners agreed to conduct an internet research to identify best practices regarding creation of guideline documents. They will send their research results to UMFST by the end of January 2018, UMFST will prepare draft of the guidelines before next working meeting.

CoLED Collaborative training platform – IO3

Mrs. Anna Czaja and Mrs. Anna Grabowska (PRO-MED) presented an approach to preparation of CoLED training platform which starts in month 4 (January 2019). For the preparatory work, a SP4CE platform will be used to give partners opportunity to familiarise with the Moodle environment which will be used for the realization of the platform. Those activities will start immediately after the meeting. The initial version of the CoLED platform will be prepared in the beginning of 2019 and will be evaluated and discussed during the next working meeting in Sofia.

CoLED Automation for Manufacturing Training – IO4

IO4 starts in month 7 (April 2019). PIAP will prepare initial version of training materials (draft curricula and proposal of lessons) for the working meeting in Sofia. Those materials will be sent to partners 2 weeks before the meeting.

Project monitoring and evaluation

Ms. Vanya Novakova presented a chosen approach to project monitoring and evaluation. The initial version of Quality Management Plan and Evaluation templates will be ready before the end of 2018.

Project dissemination and exploitation

ECQ is responsible for the creation of dissemination materials and strategy. Ms.Slavka Ruseva presented a proposed approach and partners responsibilities were discussed. ECQ will prepare a draft Dissemination Plan, a project visual identity and will launch a project website.

The meeting ended with a distribution of certificates of attendance prepared by the host organization PIAP.