Project meetings and eventsSecond working meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

CoLED second project meeting took part on the 11th April 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The first part of the meeting started with welcoming words by the host organisation – ECQ, followed by an overview of the progress achieved regarding the project management and implementation presented by Mr. Jacek ZieliƄski (PIAP - Project Coordinator). The project partners discussed the current status and the further steps for realization of the intellectual outputs and the upcoming tasks and responsibilities were distributed.

IO1 - CoLED Methodology

AidLearn presented the results of the partners’ research regarding different project methodologies and a draft version of CoLED Methodology. The partners discussed the approach used to elaborate the methodology and agreed it will successfully contribute to fulfilling the IO1 purpose to guide the users to utilise the platform and the learning materials, including recreation and organization of training, group problem solving and definition of case studies.

IO2 – CoLED Guidelines

UMFST presented the initial results of the Internet research, which was conducted to identify the best practices regarding creation of guideline documents. The research results were sent to UMFST by responsible partners, on which basis UMFST prepared a draft version of the guidelines. Further steps will be taken after the initial version of the CoLED training platform is launched and validated.

IO3 – CoLED Collaborative Training Platform

PRO-MED presented the first version of CoLED training platform which is due to be tested internally by the project partners. The partners agreed to take decisions regarding the final set of supported activities during the approaching short term joint staff training event in Lisbon, Portugal.

IO4 - Automation for Manufacturing Training

Regarding IO4, PIAP prepared initial version of a draft curricula and a proposal of lessons which are due to be discussed and agreed during the next period of the project realization. The training materials shall be ready until the end of the year 2019.

During the meeting the following topics were also discussed: project monitoring and evaluation, project dissemination and exploitation, the short term training event to be organized in Portugal, and planning of further activities. The next meeting date was agreed and the plan for the next 6 months of project realization was elaborated. The meeting ended with a distribution of certificates of attendance prepared by the host organization ECQ.