CoLED ResultsCoLED Collaborative Training Platform

The CoLED platform is the innovative collaborative learning environment customized and adapted to the needs of the project target groups. The ICT platform supports collaborative learning with its specific features including: 
  • Course materials and contents personalization through an individual learning path;
  • Engagement & wide collaboration features including badges and certificates;
  • Multimedia features;
  • In-depth discussions and feedback on the learning contents;
  • Differentiation & personalization;
  • Accessibility & portability by mobile devices;
  • Online/offline access to contents, notes, and collaboration tools.
  • Trainers can easily find and deliver content and customize materials to address specific learning needs.
The platform is available in all project languages. It provides not only the CoLED course but also introductory courses about Moodle and Moodle Cloud, as well as international events and the final CoLED Online Conference for Sustainability.