Project meetings and eventsThird working meeting in Targu Mures, Romania


CoLED third project meeting took part on the 2nd October 2019 in Targu Mures, Romania. Overall, 9 representatives of the partners involved in COLED project took part in the transnational meeting.

The first part of the meeting started with welcoming words by the host organisation – University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology “George Emil Palade” of Targu Mures and an overview of the progress concerning the project implementation, made by Mr. Jacek Zieliński (PIAP - Project Coordinator). One of the main aims of the project meeting was to discuss the preparation of the interim report and to distribute tasks and responsibilities among partners.

Firstly, the project partners discussed the current status and the further steps for realization of the intellectual outputs:

IO1 - CoLED Methodology

AidLearn presented the final refinements of CoLED Methodology. The partners discussed and evaluated the updates and decided on a final draft version of IO1. AidLearn agreed to send the final draft till the end of the following week (till 10.10.2019)

IO2 – CoLED Guidelines

All partners presented their final suggestion for the best practices regarding the creation of guideline documents. UMFST summarized the results and explained the chosen approach for the elaboration of the guidelines. A final draft of the guidelines was discussed and UMFST agreed to send it for peer review till 15.10.2019.

IO3 – CoLED CollaborativeTraining Platform

PRO-MED presented the functionalities of Moodle Cloud and proposed a draft version of CoLED training platform. Partners agreed to create their own Moodle Cloud account through which they will have individual access to the platform.

IO4 - Automation for Manufacturing Training

Regarding IO4, PIAP presented a draft version of curricula and encouraged a discussed concerning the lessons which will be developed within the training. Partners agreed to make an internal testing of the materials by the end of 2019.

Interim report

During the second part of the meeting, Mr. Zieliński presented the set of required documents for the interim report and the most urgent documents were discussed individually with each partner. The final deadline for sharing the documents with the project partners was set for the 15th of October 2019. It was stressed that the interim report should be submitted no later than 30.10.2019.

After that, representatives of ECQ made a presentation concerning the monitoring and quality assurance of the project as well as summarized the dissemination efforts made so far, including the project leaflet and the website, as well as the promotional materials.

The partners discussed the next steps in the project implementation and agreed that the forth project meeting in Lisbon, Portugal is due to take part on the 2nd of April 2020. The host organization closed the meeting with distribution of certificates of attendance.

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